About D. Prather

I am a walking dichotomy. An analytical engineer but a love for the arts. Extremely introverted but outspoken with the pen. Wall Street swag but raised in the grit and grime of Detroit. A deep love for Christ and the spiritual but a concern for impacting the current reality.  It is this mixture that bleeds through the pages of my writings.

My current book, 7 Soulmates, centers around love. The love for a woman. The love for women. This was my biggest God given passion and my biggest curse. As you read the book you will walk with me through my highs and lows of dating and trying to find the woman God had for me.

Praise God that my dating life ended well. I married the love of my life, Anika, 10 years ago. We have 3 young kids and live in the DC area. We operate a private, Christian school in the area.

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